Military .50 caliber Ammo Can Humidor made from a new ammo-can with Spanish cedar inserts and tray

.50 cal AMMO CAN CIGAR HUMIDOR - 50 COUNT - New Manufacture

  • Product Description


    • Unique Cigar Storage Space
    • A removable tray is included for cigar organization
    • Real Spanish Cedar aids in humidification management
    • Extremely durable
    • Watertight
    • Airtight
    • Open bottom tray design allows for a larger cigar storage

    Size: 12"L, 6"W, 7.25"H
    Humidifier: Foam type with a tape mount
    Hygrometer: Analog dial with a tape mount

    This Ammo Can Humidor is unlike any other and it isn't just for show. It's been tested and found that it holds perfect humidity while being extremely rugged and waterproof!

    These humidors are custom made to our specifications for ruggedness, durability, and cigar storage.

    You don’t go into battle unprepared, and you shouldn't go into a weekend unprepared, either. Pick up this humidor and you’ll be ready for whatever backyard relaxation requires. Or take the Ammo Can with you on your next adventure - its airtight and watertight features make this the perfect humidor to brave the elements with you! Even if it's just on your boat fishing!


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